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Neurolinguistic Programming...

Get the best training in NLP. Master advanced techniques and models: Sleight of mouth patterns, the swish, the spin, third level NLP anchoring, complex meta-states, TOTE strategies model, dynamic reframing.

NLP & Ericksonian Hypnosis...

Master hypnosis with neuro linguistic programming techniques. Combine Milton Erickson’s hypnotic patterns with the latest quantum-hypnosis induction strategies.

NLP Instant Rapport Techniques...

Build instant-rapport and exert maximum influence and seduction with the aid of NLP hypno-rapport metod. Discover in two minutes which personality type you have in front of you by using the Enneagram. Then covertly tunleash your verbal / non-verbal NLP persuasion strategies until you have driven the other to maximum rapport.

NLP & The Enneagram...

From the ancient sufies to Gurdjieff, Ichazo, Naranjo, Palmer, Lilly, and others, the Enneagram has been transmitted as a powerful tool for modelling the world and creating slim maps. Enjoy the latest version of the Enneagram applied to personality types through neuro linguistic programming and the hexagram.

NLP & Maximum Persuasion...

Combine all the above mentioned tools, add some other NLP techniques developed by ISI-CNV and master maximum persuasion approach to people. Become a top saleman, deliver successfully your ideas and plans, both at work and at home, with friends and in love relationships.

NLP has never been so easy to master... Get free tutorials from our website and judge for yourself the quality of our courses...

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The Core of Hypnosis, Multisensory Hypnosis, Hypnosis Without Words



Hypnosis And Hypnotherapy From A Sociological Point of View



Free ebook on Hypnosis and self Hypnosis



Free ebook on Hypnotherapy


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